Marrone tipico di Zocca

MARRONE TIPICO DI ZOCCA (CHESTNUTS FROM THE AREA OF ZOCCA): this is an ancient type of fruit from the chestnut trees, found in the mountains nearby Modena, namely the area of Frignano. A 1986 survey on local chestnut trees led to the creation of an official register of “Marrone Tipico di Zocca” by the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences of the University of Modena. The trade mark "Marrone di Zocca” was registered by the Chamber of Commerce of Modena together with other institutions and organizations and it means that this types of chestnut belongs to the "castanea sativa mill” species and is collected in specific and protected areas. “Marrone” type fruit differs from the most common “Castagna” type fruit because it has a sweeter and stronger taste and a bigger size (one burr of Marrone contains a maximum of three fruits). Also, its inner peel can be easily removed, unlike in the Castagna type fruit where the peel is tightly stuck on it.

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